Monday, May 23, 2011

Pulled Pork and Weird Dreams

Had a good weekend. I've had my parents here, and I'm sure after hours and hours of playing with Thing Four, Grandpa will be ready to go back home. ;-)

Hubby got back last night, and tomorrow he's off again, to Atlanta. I'm fine with it, I am so used to him traveling it's not that big a deal, unless he's gone for a week, which is rare. Usually five days is the max.

I had weird dreams last night. Like, SUPER weird. I made my crockpot sweet pulled pork yesterday, and it was delish. OMGosh was it ever good. And it's so simple:

Lara's Sweet Pulled Pork (Crockpot recipe)

-10 pound pork roast (butt or shoulder)
-1 cup Salsa
-2 cups Brown Sugar
For later:
-2 boxes Zatarains Black Beans and Rice

You put them in a large oval crockpot in that order, (EXCEPT for the rice that is made separately) and cook on high for four hours, then switch it to low for the rest of the day until dinnertime. (I usually put the roast in at 8am, then it's ready by 5pm.) Shred the meat with two forks inside the crockpot, make the rice according to directions and voila! YUM! This makes a TON, so you can freeze the leftovers in portions if you'd like. We do a layer of tortilla chips on a plate, then black beans & rice, the pork, and shredded cheddar cheese, and eat it like nachos. Super yummy!

Well, the world didn't end this weekend, but that wasn't much of a surprise, was it? I feel bad for those people who truly believed this guy, and spent their life savings on billboards, expecting to be "saved." Major head shaker, there. I hope they set up depression counseling for the people who were convinced, because they have to be pretty devastated right about now.

Time to take the kiddos to school. I was THRILLED that gas went down by three cents a gallon. Yeah, I know it's psychological, but WHO CARES.


Devon Ellington said...

Every penny helps, gas-wise. I've got another big trip coming up, and it's going to make about a $10 or $20 difference. I can use that for . . .garden stuff! ;)

Brenda said...

I'll have to try our recipe. I love pork in the crockpot.

Michelle Miles said...

I am SO stealing this recipe!