Thursday, May 12, 2011


I could leave it at that, but I won't. ;-)

Thing One has finally learned her lesson, I'm happy to say. She now tells me AS SOON as she finds out a project is due, what she needs for said project, so I'm not running around the night before it's due. Ha Ha.

So, the last couple of weeks, I've been looking for GOOP GLUE. My son had to build a rocket to launch an egg in a couple weeks back, and we used a glue called AMAZING GOOP. My daughter told me her teacher said we needed to buy "Goop Glue," NOT "Amazing Goop." Specifically. So, I called stores, asked at  stores, and finally, one wise associate told me they were the SAME THING.


Anyway, I got the glue, bought the 2-liter bottles, and Thing One spent days making her rocket.

Cut to yesterday, the DAY BEFORE the rocket is due, and Thing One casually asks me which brand of soda I bought. (She used the 2-liter bottles.) I told her Mug Rootbeer, because I didn't want to be wasteful and we had rootbeer floats that night.

She freaked. Apparently, the teacher said the bottles had to be COKE products, not PEPSI, because PEPSI BOTTLES DON'T FIT ON THE LAUNCHER.

So, guess who had to run around and buy Coke bottles yesterday, and hurriedly help Thing One construct ANOTHER rocket???

I hate school projects.

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Michelle Miles said...

Oh, children. They always leave out important details, don't they? :)