Monday, May 16, 2011

People Can Surprise You.

Had a nice relaxing weekend. But I had two things happen that sort of...surprised me.

Thing One is my 13-year old daughter. You know the type. 13 going on 17. She's in middle school, so, there is little individuality, and extreme pressure to be just like everyone else, not to mention everything and I mean EVERYTHING is dumb, embarrassing, or "lame."

So, this weekend, she surprised me. Usually, in church, she is standoffish and quiet (mostly because I probably tell her 306 times to pull her skirt down so it's at her knees and she gets annoyed) but this time, she actually talked with me. Instead of pretending I don't exist, she leaned in and chit-chatted with me. And at home afterwards, she was all "animated" (a rare occurrence these days) and talking about boys and about school, two things she NEVER has much to say about.

Pleasantly surprising.

Then there was my Hubby. Now, he is a very healthy guy. We had a health scare a few years back, and since then, he makes a concerted effort to eat right, work out every day (yes, he's one of those guys who comes home late from his job and still manages to go for a run EVERY night) and he usually shuns "bad" food.

So, yesterday I was making scones for "fun" and was getting ready to fry them up, and Hubby asks me if we have any Oreos. I check the cupboard, and yes, we have a few double-stuff left. And he asks me if we can try DEEP FRYING THEM.

I was like, "Huh?"

I remember Hubby, during one of his travels, ate at a restaurant where one of the desserts was deep-fried Oreos. He said they were SUPER yummy. So, I wrapped a few of them in scone batter and we deep-fried them, and can I just say they WERE yummy??

But it surprised me. I mean, a deep fried Oreo? That's something you only eat at a state fair next to the deep fried Twinkies and Snickers bars! Granted, we only had enough to have one each, but that still surprised me, coming from my health-conscious Hubby. ;-) I guess people can surprise you.

Now I need to surprise myself today and see if I can actually get some weeding done. *sigh*


Devon Ellington said...

People grow and change -- and we all need some indulgences occasionally! Enjoy!

Brenda said...

Teenagers! Actually it's really middle-schoolers. They put so much pressure on each other and themselves. Once she gets into high school she'll be normal again.

The oreos sound yummy!