Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Yesterday Gave Me the Heebie Jeebies.

Yesterday was NOT a fun day for me. I finished cleaning the garage (DEFINITELY not fun) and came inside the house, washed my hands all the way up to my arms, got myself a piece of toast, surfed the web for a minute, and GUESS WHAT DECIDED TO CRAWL OUT OF MY HAIR???

Yes, a SPIDER. So, of course I did my "bug dance" and was all sicked out, and immediately jumped into the shower.

Cut to about 11am, I piled Thing Four in the car and we set out for the grocery store. As we were driving out of my subdivision, we passed by a bunch of landscapers mowing the common areas, and there was this big black hose in the road, and I didn't want to run over it, so I swerved and only ran over the end of it with my car. Then I realized, as I ran over it: THAT WASN'T A HOSE.

I stopped the car and looked back to see this HUGE black snake in the road, flailing and twitching because I'd run over the end of it. It was about as thick around as a paper-towel tube, and about five feet long I KID YOU NOT. One of the mowers stopped and looked at it in awe and looked at me, and uttered what is probably the most Obvious Statement Of The Year: "You hit a snake."

I immediately wanted to throw up. I was so sick--mostly because I have never, EVER seen a snake that big unless they were behind glass at the Zoo or in a PET STORE, and I'd just run over it. I was completely freaked/grossed out. My flight instinct kicked in, and I drove off. I guess the snake survived, because it wasn't laying in the road when I came back. Or the landscapers did something with it.

My sons are convinced I ran over a copperhead snake, apparently they are very dangerous. But I Googled "snakes common in North Carolina" and from the images I'm convinced it was a Black Rat Snake. Because it looked just like this:
I just didn't realize they were HUGE and LONG. And yeah, it kind of freaks me out they are BY MY HOUSE!!! Eeek!!! I'm a "live and let live" person, but I really hope not to see one of those babies again. EVER. Because I probably will throw up. I didn't realize I would have such a visceral reaction to seeing a snake up close. Guess I learned something new about myself.

And then later I found sugar ants in the mud room. Not a good day for me. Not at all.

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