Thursday, December 09, 2010

Spooky Empty Pale Green Pants.

Downloaded all the Dr. Seuss book apps I could find for my iPad yesterday. Thing Four LOVES Dr. Seuss, and these books are so great because they are interactive, and have a "read to me" feature, which is great for my three year old! I was pleased to discover that his favorite. story. ever. was available for download. It's called "What Was I Afraid Of?" and it is a story about a character's run-in with spooky green empty pants. Sheer Brilliance.

We saw the lights at McAddenville last night and they were pretty. They weren't super "fantastic" as far as lights go, but I think it's more about making memories with your kids, and maybe starting a tradition or two. The people we went with always hang out their moon roof and sing Christmas carols. My boys opted to "silently" hang out of our moon roof as we drove through. ;-) But then we stopped for hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts afterwards and oh my gosh they were good!

AnyhowIamgoingtoweigh10,000poundsinJanuary, things have calmed down...a little. I still have a few gifts to buy/send, but I'm almost there. Christmas is coming at us way too fast!

And now I must go and do some laundry. I am so excited I think I need to run outside and to an impromptu cartwheel in the frosty grass.

Yes, that would be sarcasm.

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Devon Ellington said...

I'm in the midst of the laundry monster myself, and am right there with you!

The apps sound great, and how lovely to drive through the lights!