Monday, December 13, 2010

Need a Little Christmas? Right This Very Minute???

Noooooo! I'm not ready yet! It's coming too fast!!! EEEEEK!!!!

Well, it's 10am and I've already been to five places so far this morning. WOO!

First off, happy thoughts/get well vibes being sent to Karen (of The Wet Donkey) and her family, since her hubby is recuperating from illness. Hope all is well soon!!!

This week is going to be crazy. I have a classroom party tomorrow and I am making 30 gingerbread houses out of graham crackers. I already have half of them made, and am making the other half right after I'm done with this post.

Had Thing Three's birthday party on Friday, it was a little crazy, and of course I SHOULD expect that a big group of ten-year old boys WILL get into a burping contest while eating pizza and soda and cake--but we had laser tag and arcade games and rides so at least they had fun. After the party we ran to dinner and then a friend and I saw Morning Glory at the theater--hilarious! I was surprised at how dang funny it was! Maybe a little formulaic, but I was laughing my pants off!

Saturday Hubby and I had a meeting across town, and then we got the boys' hair cut and hung out until Thing One's basketball game. We didn't try to see Dawn Treader, we're saving it for next week when the lines won't be as long and we'll be officially on Christmas vacation. :-)

This week is going to be...interesting. I have cards and gifts to get out, presents to buy and it's officially going to be "too late" in a week for a lot of stuff I want to do.

Holiday Craziness. Gotta love it!

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Devon Ellington said...

Yeah, I'm up to the "S" in my card list, but still have a bunch of gifts to send out. So much for being done by the 10th!