Friday, December 03, 2010


Yeah, it's a little crazy out there. Traffic (especially around Malls) is awful, stores are selling out of goodies fast, you have to think of gifts for all the people in your life, not to mention all the parties you have to attend (some "political," some not), and the Holiday cards that need to be sent out and the presents that need to be bought and the cookies/assorted goodies that need to be baked etc. etc. etc. etc. because it's officially the HOLIDAYS.

So, my suggestion? Relax. Try not to let it get to you. Take one day at a time, and realize you are one person. But for heaven's sake, don't procrastinate. Then you really will run yourself ragged, and be unable to enjoy the spirit of the holidays. A little bit each day, and you should be fine.


This was advice given to me yesterday. I think since the advice giver was under the influence of painkillers, I should totally disregard what she was saying, but you know, it DID resonate with me a little. Just an eensy little bit.

Because during the holidays I'm usually running around like ohmygoshIamgoingtohangmyselfifIdon'tgetthesecards/presentsoutintimeandcookiesbakedandpresentswrappedandjustkillmenowIamgoingtohaveanervousbreakdown.

Anyone else feel like this?

Maybe I should take some pain killers. ;-)

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Devon Ellington said...

IT's true -- we're supposed to be joyful. I'm usually on top of things, but around here, people are super-organized. But then, as a neighbor reminded me, THEY didn't all have to move right before the holidays started!

Most of my holiday shopping is done, thank goodness. Just a few more bits and bobs to finish -- it's been fun avoiding malls and going to the local artisans.

I'm behind on the baking -- but then, I haven't found the holiday recipes I so carefully packed so I'd know exactly where they were!