Monday, December 20, 2010


I never thought it would happen. I had HOPES, but not really. I was going to have a five-year old in diapers. I was trying to figure out how we could "hide" it when he went to Kindergarten. Maybe I could sneak in and change him during "naptime..."

Now I worry no more. Thing Four (who is three, and has plenty of time before he's five) is officially Potty Trained!!!

It happened yesterday. Yes, in ONE day. I knew when it happened, it would happen FAST.

We were getting ready for church, and Thing Four was getting into the shower, and I asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty. To my great surprise (in the past this question has been met with a resounding NO!) he shrugged his shoulders and said "Sure, Mom."

So, I put him on the toilet. And he peed! I think he was so surprised by my reaction (squealing/crying/jumping up and down/telling him he was the awesomest EVER) he very quickly warmed up to the idea of going in the toilet. After his shower, he eschewed the diaper and asked me if he could wear "big boy underwear." I happen to have a package of pullups on hand, so we got one on and he kept it dry all day. I guess it helped I told him he had to "prove" he was a big boy by wearing the Big Boy Underwear.

And in the late afternoon, he told me he needed to do "poopies." Skeptical (and not even thinking lightning would strike twice in this case) I put him on the toilet, and guess what he did!!! Number Two!!! WOOOO!!!

Most of you are probably wondering why this is such a huge deal. So I have a toddler who finally goes on the toilet, Whoopdie Ding Dong. Well, you don't understand. A) This is my last child and B) He's been capable of going on the potty for about nine months, so you can IMAGINE my frustration! I mean, this kid is smart. He's one of those "old soul" kids. He's very logical about things, and I find that I can actually reason with him, whereas with his siblings it was My Way or the Highway. (And I'm not talking about me.)

Granted, now that we "go on the potty," I am stopping about every hour to put him on it. But that's ok. Eventually he will figure out the "urge to go" himself. This morning, he got up, and I put him on the toilet, and he went. Of course, I told him I'd buy him some Legos if he went on the potty, so THAT helps. ;-)

I am so excited. I need to celebrate. This is the BEST!!!!!

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