Friday, December 17, 2010

Some Holiday "Cheer."

I was asked if I would be interested in testing Cheer BrightCLEAN recently, since I am assuming I sound like such a "connoisseur" of laundry know-how. (I say that tongue in cheek-- since I have a family of six it is a given I have a pile of laundry the size of Mount Vesuvius at all times in my laundry room, and since I have BOYS, I have been FORCED to become said laundry know-how connoisseur. Because you know boys. Boys =STAINS.)

I will admit, I am unabashedly in love/lust/major twitterpation with Tide. Have been for, oh, say about 15 years. But I am also willing to try new things.

SO--I took the plunge. I was super excited when my complimentary bottle of Cheer BrightCLEAN (2X Ultra HE because I have front-load washers) arrived on my doorstep!

For those of you who don't know, I am super anal about my laundry. I have different piles I make. I have "White" whites, "Sorta" Whites (which includes socks and white shirts with logos on them, etc.) Greens, Lights, Darks, Reds, Pinks, yadda yadda yadda. You get the picture. Ever since that unfortunate day in 1997 when I washed my brand new red towels with blue towels (yes, I was newly married and very much NOT a connoisseur of laundry know-how) and everything came out PURPLE, I have been vigilant in separating the colors.

I tried Cheer BrightCLEAN on my whites, first. And they came out white. Like, very white. And they smelled good. Did I mention the smell of Cheer smells pretty dang good? Like a fresh sunlit meadow you could dance through...but I digress.

I HATE to admit this, but I have been throwing a dash of laundry whitener (which will remain nameless) in with my Tide lately, to make a "whitening cocktail" of sorts, so my whites will get "super" white.

With Cheer BrightCLEAN, I didn't have to add the second ingredient. And they came out just as white.

I tried Greens next. And Reds. And Pinks. Maybe it was psychological at this point, but I honestly feel like the colors were brighter and more "vivid," when they came out of the dryer. And I know I mentioned the fresh clean scent but for some reason it is very appealing to me. Even my oldest son, who wouldn't notice if a cicada bug landed on top of his head and started singing the Beatles' Greatest Hits, mentioned how "good his shirt smelled." And that, folks, is something.

I am beginning to think, that after 15 long years with Tide, we may have to try a "trial separation." Because I'm totally cheating with Cheer. The grass is definitely greener. The CLOTHES are definitely "greener." (And yes, my surprise at finding a detergent as good as/better than Tide has made me resort to lame puns.)

Go and and try a bottle yourself. You won't be disappointed. This Laundry Connoisseur certainly wasn't!


Anonymous said...

Wow. You totally love Tide. This stuff must be good!


Devon Ellington said...

Interesting. At shows, no matter what we use, we often toss in some Oxyclean with everything.

I switch brands a lot, although I've settled mostly on Arm & Hammer lately because some of the other brands are leaving me with rashes. Never used to happen, but lately . . .sigh.

Totally get it about anal about laundry. As someone who was paid for years to do laundry -- totally get it.

Lara said...

Okay, I was using Oxyclean!!! That is too funny!

Anonymous said...

You were always good with laundry commercials. ;-)

Lara said...

Yes I WAS, wasn't I? I'd forgotten about that!

Colin Galbraith said...

Very informative post - Cheers!