Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I Shopped!

I got the outfit for the party! Thank you for all your suggestions! I ended up with a gorgeous deep red frilly CK top and black shrug, dark jeans and CK pumps. And red crystal jewelry that goes perfectly!

I am set. WHEW, can I just say? My friend and I hit Belk and Nordstrom and found everything in an hour and a half, and finished up at Cheesecake Factory because we were both starving. (Next time you're there, try the hot crab and artichoke dip--TDF!!!)

Lots to do today--Thing Three turns ten on Sunday! He's growing up so fast. I can't believe it. I only have one kid left in the single digits for age! :-( But I have to get invitations out for his party--he wants laser tag this year. I still don't get the appeal but then again, I'm not a ten-year old boy.
We are planning the classroom Christmas party as well, and I'm in charge of a station making "gingerbread houses" and I'm using graham crackers. It will be a lot of prep, but fun.

Thing One says to me last night: "Oh, by the way, Mom, I need modeling clay, in Brown and White. Do you have any? I need it for class tomorrow, or I'll get an F on my project."

I do happen to have modeling clay in red, green, blue and yellow, but not the colors she needs. I was so mad (those of you regular readers know why) at her lack of consideration I told her "too bad, I guess you'll just be getting an F on that project."

She freaked. Crying, whining, the whole thing. And of course, since I don't have a heart entirely of stone, I ran to super Walmart this morning after I got Thing Three on the bus and found the clay she needed. But I let her believe, up until the last minute, that she was getting an "F." No more honor roll for her! Is it mean that I enjoyed watching her freak out a little?
Needless to say she was extremely grateful and humble, she apologized and promised to give me at least 24 hours notice, and told me she "owed" me. Don't worry, I will be collecting on that "owe" very soon!



Devon Ellington said...

Good for you!

You are going to look wonderful in that outfit!

Michelle Miles said...

Congrats on the outfit!

And you did the right thing. It hurts to make them get an F but sometimes, that's what you gotta do.

Jennifer said...

Have fun, Lara!