Monday, November 15, 2010

Yes, I Have a Sense of Direction...NOT.

Not like I like to admit any of my shortcomings, but I have literally zero sense of direction. I was always highly jealous of my friend, Aimee, growing up. She was the one who drove me around when we were in high school, and she always seemed to know where she was going. I was always...lost.

I hope I'm not the only one who hates it when people give me directions and say "go to X street and turn West." I have to have "right or left" please. Basically, if Mapquest had never been invented, I would probably be in Canada somewhere with a carload of kids begging for someone to give me directions.

I finally bought CoPilot Live, an app for my phone. Let me say it hasn't been the best. But what can you expect for $49? It crashes eight times out of ten, it freezes on me, and one funny (as in strange funny not FUNNY funny) thing about it--it never seems to work when Hubby is in the car. EVER.

So, he finally bought me a Garmin GPS unit on Saturday. I have to say, it doesn't freeze. I don't freak out when people call through or text me anymore because it "makes the app crash." Those days are past. And now, I still may be totally clueless about what direction I'm going (unless I look at my car dashboard) but at least I will know how to GET where I'm going.

Why am I so resistant to technology? I resisted making the switch from dialup to high speed. I was resistant to switching from PC to Mac. I resisted getting an iPad. And now, the Garmin. I guess I have that "I'm doing fine and it isn't broken so why fix it" attitude, which Hubby thinks needs to GO.

He may be right. Yes folks, I actually admitted it.


Anonymous said...

You got it from me. I'm sooooo sorry! I got lost once walking around the block in a strange place. Then there was Tangiers...Nightmare!!!!!!!


Aimee said...

The only reason I knew where I was going was because I'd been driven around on the same road for years, and years, and years, and years, and...

I'm the biggest nervous Nellie when it comes to driving around new cities. And I hate using the GPS because I can't watch both the road and the screen at the same time and still feel safe.

But, yes, I do have a decent sense of direction. Only caveat: it must be on foot!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I hear ya. I once had to stop at a convenience store in Hidden Valley (North Charlotte) and ask for directions to a gym where my son was playing basketball.

And then there was that wonderful subway trip to Coney Island from Manhattan. Oops!