Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grounded From...EYELINER!!!

Today I get the World's Worst Mom award. I drove the kids to school (I refuse to let my oldest two ride that cesspool of a Middle School bus a moment longer) and after that Thing Four and I zinged to Walmart to look for a particular lamp shade and other odds and ends. Didn't find what we wanted, so we zinged over to Target. No luck. Zinged to another Target. Found exactly what we wanted (and of course I found stuff I DIDN'T need and went over budget) and Thing Four was being so good I bought him a Ring Pop, because he rarely has them and he really really really REALLY wanted one.

We get into the car, and he's happily sucking on his ring pop, and I notice he is asking to stop at every McDonald's we drive by, every Chick-Fil-A, etc. etc. Finally he says, "Mom, my tummy is grumbling. I need to feed it."

I stop and realize, I have forgotten to feed him breakfast.

A ring pop. That's what I'd basically fed him for breakfast. A freaking RING POP. This beats the one time I forgot to feed him a few months back and all I had the in the car was a can of Pringles.

Yeah, I suck. I immediately raced home and made him oatmeal with raisins, and toast. Poor lil' guy. I am awful. AWFUL!!!

In lighter news, I have found a great way to get to Thing One--who is thirteen. If she acts snotty, all I need to do is threaten to ground her from Eyeliner. Yes, you read that right. Yesterday, she was being all snotty and nasty and Hubby said "no eye makeup today." She checked herself pretty quickly. Then she realized, after I had to "confiscate" her mascara and eyeliner, that he was serious, and trust me, she started freaking out.

Guess who didn't wear eyeliner or mascara to school yesterday? **Snort** Needless to say, she was madder than a hornet, and I was certainly persona non grata for actually going along with Hubby's edict, but wow, it sure worked wonders on her attitude. Today she got the eye makeup back. She was sweet as an angel all morning.

I think we're on to something. Or we're just plain mean.


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