Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Elusive Search...

You know how sometimes you really really look forward to the Holidays, because it's that time of year you indulge in something that only happens ONCE a year? Well, I certainly feel that way.

There's nothing like a freshly trimmed Christmas tree. Or listening to Bing Crosby sing Christmas songs. Or Southern Comfort non-alcoholic egg nog. (Which is the BEST egg-nog, hands down.) Then there's Stollen. That yummy marzipan-center bread with everything good in it. I usually get those from World Market, where they have STACKS of them. But only during the Holidays. And then there's the Christmas Lights. And the gingerbread candles. And the list goes on.

But my favorite "food" thing about the Holidays, is the one thing I crave year-round: Aplets and Cotlets:
There's just something about them. You can find them here, on the Liberty Orchards Website. They're sweet and fruity Apple and Apricot walnut-y goodness. And I can never find them. Maybe that's why I like them so much. I had two places in Wisconsin I could rely on them to be around the holidays: Target and Walgreens. I know, weird, but that's where they usually were.

Then I moved to North Carolina.

Apparently, North Carolina doesn't believe in Aplets and Cotlets. Because I have searched every Target in a 20-mile radius, every Walgreens, and I have come up with nothing. I guess North Carolina is big on Christmas CHOCOLATE, but nary an Aplet or Cotlet to be seen anywhere.

I finally gave up and ordered some online this morning. Because I have to have me some. And yes, I'm completely mental.

Mental for Aplets and Cotlets!

(You can stop rolling your eyes now)


Unknown said...

Never had them, but now I want to try them! And all you have to do is ask...I'll send you some!

devon Ellington said...

Never heard of them, but if I see them, I'll get some.

I love stollen -- grew up with it, am learning to make it. Also, Trader Joe's has a great pannetone. The cranberry one is a bit non-traditional, but it's awesome!

Plum pudding is also another big one.

I'm looking forward to starting the Christmas decorating this weekend -- Sunday is the First of Advent, so it all begins. This year, I think I will have to decorate in stages, but I can't wait!