Tuesday, November 09, 2010

What the HECK Do I Do Now???

I don't know what to do with myself...soccer is over (well, a broken foot ended the season a tad early) and Thing One's basketball and Thing Two's swimming don't start up until December. Which means I have THREE WHOLE WEEKS of no sports! No practices, no games, no living in my car...it's crazy. I literally don't know how to be. Because I'm a soccer mom. I run around. That's what I do.

Just not for the next three weeks.

This will be a new experience. Since I'll have evenings free, maybe I can actually cook instead of heat things up, like Taquitos and Hot Pockets. Maybe I can get those projects done I started 9582645 years ago and didn't finish. Maybe I could finish a novel. Wow. It will be weird, actually having 5-8pm free!

Maybe I should join a book club or something. ;-)

All kidding aside, it will be a welcome change. And then, when Winter sports start up, I'll be back in my element, living in my car and heating up processed food on Practice Nights.

Yeah, you can stop looking at me like that.


The Bean Cassarole said...

ooo, call me, we can talk! Except tomorrow, I have inventory, blah.

Anonymous said...

How about lunch in Blakeney this weekend? 123 Main is awesome. We can catch up. Call or text me.