Thursday, November 18, 2010

This Year is FLYING. Am I The Only One Who Feels This Way?

A little late blogging today, I just survived my first class party! (I'm a co-room mom and we've been preparing for weeks.) Now I can sink into a puddle of goo at my desk and have some herbal tea. And put my feet up.


Hubby comes home tonight and I get to run around doing all the things I was too lazy to do while he was gone. the house, heh heh. I would like to at least give the impression of a clean house. ;-)

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! We have been invited for Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house, so this Sunday I am doing "our" Thanksgiving dinner. I didn't buy a whole turkey, just a breast, and we're going to have mashed potatoes and stuffing and fruit salad and all the stuff we like to eat every year, since it will be "different" stuff at someone else's house this year. Because I HAVE to make the stuffing I make every year. It is so to die for. MMMMMMMmmmmmmm.

Wow, I made chocolate no-bake cookies last night, and they're almost gone. Looks like my boys have had a crack at them.

The sun is out and it's a beautiful day! I love Fall!

Okay, this stream of consciousness has to end. Happy Thursday everyone!

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Anonymous said...

yum...LOVE your mashed potatoes! :-) Come make dinner at my house!