Monday, November 22, 2010

Here We Go! Buckle Up!!!

We are officially on the "Sick Coaster" as of Saturday. Thing One has escaped unscathed, but Things Two through Four all have coughing, wheezing and fevers. I think it's viral. But nevertheless, we are going to the doctor this morning. I got them in, and I want to get them on antibiotics. In case it ISN'T viral...

Hubby and I are ok so far, but who knows. I am happy to report that this is the FIRST time Thing Three (who was in the pediatric ICU for eight days last year with H1N1 and Pneumonia) has had any chest colds or problems since APRIL.

That's why I'm hoping this is just a chest cold that will go away with a little "help." I have his elephant vaporizer in his room (we call him "Trunky") and it has helped immensely. I ended up sleeping with Thing Four last night, because his bark-y cough was making him cry, but as soon as I crawled into bed with him he went to sleep--peacefully.

Hubby stayed with the kids this morning because I'm Thing Three's classroom parent and I had to take a cake into his class for his teacher's birthday. The kids were going ape**** over the cake, and they all sang "Happy Birthday" so loud I think they heard it the next county over. After they were all sugarfied, they went outside to run off their cake. I went back home to check on my sickies.

Hubby and I saw Harry Potter on Friday, and OMGosh it was amazing. The cinematography was superb, and the acting was spotless. The ending was a bit abrupt for me, but I only think it was because I was so emotionally involved in the movie, and I got "lost" in their world so easily. Jo Rowling is a genius. David Yates is a genius. It all makes for a great two and a half hours! GO. SEE. IT.

Have a good Monday everyone. I can't believe it's going to be THANKSGIVING soon!!!


Devon Ellington said...

I'm looking forward to the movie.

Hope all your Things are healthy soon!

Michelle Miles said...

I can't believe Thanksgiving is here! And I can't wait to see that movie!