Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another Murphy's Law Day...

You have those every once in a while, right? Here is my day yesterday, in Murphy's Law Speak:

The one night you actually get to bed early, your child will have a nightmare at 3am and wake you up. Oh, and you won't be able to get back to sleep.
I figure with four kids, I will actually get my first restful night's sleep in 2027.

If you butter the toast, it will fall butter side down.
This is an "old" law, but how many of you have managed to drop THREE slices of toast butter-side-down simultaneously? **Lara raises her hand**

If you pass an infuriatingly annoying slow car, suddenly the lane you are in will become even slower, and the slow car will totally pass you.

When you go to the Big Target (which is more of a drive) counting on them to have a certain item in stock, they will be sold out of it. AND the smaller (and more conveniently located) Target will turn out to actually have it in stock.
Mattress pads in size Queen, anyone?

When you RSVP your son to the birthday party, the doctor will suddenly clear him to play soccer in the tournament THAT SAME DAY.
Who woulda thunk? I mean, really?

When you're really on a roll on your manuscript, suddenly your child(ren) will start whining, need "Mommy," take all the markers out and write on the furniture, and want you to read them 9305836 books.
I truly can't win.

When you're looking forward to being a "bad mom" and making a skimpy/processed food dinner, your children will suddenly want to have friends over for dinner. And they'll be allergic to processed food.
I am not kidding. This really was my day!

So far, today is quiet and uneventful. But you know there's a Murphy's Law about that...


Anonymous said...

I had a day like that yesterday too!

Lee Anne said...

Is it: This was an uneventful day until my shell shock from the day before wore off and I realized at 4:45pm that I have 15 get to school because I forgot I volunteered to run the craft table at Family Fun Night!!! Of course I never got around to blow drying my hair nor have I thought about dinner yet....
THAT Murphy's Law?