Monday, April 06, 2009

Busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy

I bet you can guess, from the title of this post, I have a lot to do this week. We're leaving on vacation Friday morning, and I have about 937295078 things to do before we leave, not to mention the fact Hubby has to leave for New York the DAY after we get back, so HE has about 385439584875 things to do as well.

But I have to blog. Blogging keeps me sane!

I'm debating whether or not to buy stuff for Easter baskets now and pack it, because, frankly, I have a feeling when we get there on Friday all the good stuff will be gone, and all that will be left over will be pink and blue marshmallow peeps, which my kids HATE.

Yeah, I'll pack the "good stuff" and see what I can scrounge up when we get there. :-)

I got some editing done last night. I'm on page 217 of 265. Then I get to take one more pass at it, and it will be ready (I hope) for submission to agents. EEEKS!

I'm just sad I won't get to work on it for a week while I'm on vacation. GRRR.

Hope everyone has a happy Monday! Time to run!

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Devon Ellington said...

Try to finish this pass before you go, and then re-read it when you've been away from it for a week. As much as you'll have "separation anxiety", you'll catch a few things you might otherwise miss.