Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Boring Post from the Trenches...

Hubby got home early last night--he was supposed to get in at 5, but he got in at 3. I was picking up Thing Two from study hall (looking all GORGEOUS in my unshowered glory I might add) and my plan was to get home, shower, and feel like an actual PERSON when Hubby got home.

As we neared the house in the car, I see Thing One outside on her bike, and a man in a suit is pushing the baby on his tricycle around the driveway. Ooops. Yep, he came home early, and I looked like I had just rolled out of bed and put my hair in a pony tail and thrown on the first pair of capris and shirt I could find...which was TRUE.

He seemed glad to see me anyway, so all is well. ;-)

I made chicken roll-ups for dinner, and the trainer came and kicked our butts (we have her come only once a week, Thursday nights) and we settled down to watch two of our about FOURTEEN DVR shows we need to watch. The kids watched "Goonies" downstairs while we worked out.

So, everything is back to normal. It's supposed to be EIGHTY degrees today, and I'm a bit excited. My tulips are poking out of the ground, and the service is coming to do Spring cleanup on the yard, and soon we'll be mowing again. (URGH.) Spring is here!

My friend and I are both frustrated with the slowness of our editing process, but I've realized a novel is not something that can be edited overnight. It is a big, complex thing, with many mechanisms, and every cog and wheel and spring needs to be fine tuned individually so it functions as a smooth running unit at the end. It takes TIME. And sometimes, you need a break. I gave myself yesterday. Today, I am going to get some DONE.

Soccer games tomorrow! Thing One thinks I'm mean because I told her no sleepovers when she has early games. I think that's completely rational. She, of course, only sees that I'm thwarting her fun. She'll thank me tomorrow, I'm sure of it.

I think...


Devon Ellington said...

The more thorough you are in the editing process, the better the book, and the more likely you'll sell it.

The faster you push through, the sloppier it is, and that sloppiness jumps off the page and alienates potential agents and editors.

Each book takes time.

And time away is part of it.

Michelle Miles said...

I couldn't agree more with Devon. Even thought I'm all impatient to get 'er done. I want it to be finished!! LOL