Thursday, November 29, 2007


Status: Frustrated. We can only manage two a night, at best!

You gotta love the whole "DVR" concept. But when you go on a long vacation, and you're addicted to, say, EIGHT different shows, then they tend to add up while you're gone.

Hubby and I watch the gruesome shows, like Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI, etc. So our only choice is to watch them after the kids go to bed. Which is 8:30. Since Hubby's average coming-home time from work is around 8pm, we have just enough time to get the kids in bed, do a 45-minute workout, and by that time it's already 9:15-ish and we can only squeeze in about two shows before we collapse in bed at 11:30. Which in my opinion is WAY too late. Sometimes we only do one show. We are up at 6am, you know.

So, the shows keep piling up, and we just don't have enough hours in the day to watch them. Hence the frustration. AAAAACCCKKK!!!

Okay, I have decided that Thing Four is weird. Not WEIRD weird, but DIFFERENT weird. My other three Things all loved to take medicine when they were little (they sucked it down and wanted more) and when I introduced them to fruits and veggies, they LOVED them and couldn't get enough of them.

Not Thing Four. He HATES taking medicine. I always have to give him one half more than his usual dose because he has mastered the talent of pushing most of it back out of his mouth with his tongue as soon as I shoot it into his mouth.

SO, I started him on fruits this week. Well, I thought I'd start with Carrots. He was very hungry, and I figured he'd love the sweet carrot taste, and when I stuck the spoonful in his mouth he got this look on his face. He squished the carrots around in his (mercifully closed) mouth for a moment, and gave a little shiver as he swallowed them. Thinking he would take more, I held the spoon up to his mouth again.


He had those lips pursed so tight I couldn't have gotten a power drill past them. He wanted NOTHING to do with the carrots. And no amount of coaxing (I really did TRY, for about five minutes) was going to change that.
So, I figured I'd start with Bananas. My other kids couldn't get enough of bananas! So I put the carrots in the fridge, cracked open the bananas and sat down beside his high chair. It took a lot of coaxing to get him to open up his mouth, but when he did I scooped in a bite of banana. Chew chew chew. And I swear the look he gave me was a look of "why are you doing this to me?" Shiver swallow. I tried to give him another bite of banana.


Starting to panic, I made him some rice cereal (which he's happily gulped down for two months) and put some banana in it.
After one bite, he wouldn't eat ANY. Not even one more little bite. I had to throw the whole batch away. I made a new batch of just plain old rice cereal, and after an eternity of coaxing him to open his mouth, I got some in and he realized I hadn't tainted it and he ate it very happily.

Yesterday morning I thought I'd try peaches. My kids LOVED peaches too.

You can guess what happened. Don't worry, he hates peaches too. HATES them.

Do I have a weird baby? Does he hate sweet stuff? It would all make sense. The medicine is sweet. Carrots, Bananas, Peaches, he hates them all. And they are sweet.

Today I'm trying the nasty Green Beans. Not sweet at all. We'll see what he does!

Lots to do today, and I'm finishing up a read for a friend. I'm getting caught up in it! I love it when I do a read and it doesn't feel like work! :-)


Anonymous said...

That is bizzarre! My kids loved the fruits too. they hated green beans and peas. Let us know what happens.

Unknown said...

I too have 15 shows (i just counted). I feel like I'm drowning. Just when I get down to 1 of each, it records another. What I really want to do is spend a whole day just watching TV, but I have too much homework between now and graduation! Augh!!!

Lynn Sinclair said...

You'll soon catch up on all your shows once the reruns kick in because of the writers strike.

Good luck with baby food--might be the texture he's not liking.