Friday, November 02, 2007

Crazy Morning

Status: Calm again. Well, now that the kids are in school, Hubby is at work and Thing Four is asleep--I'm having "me" time at the computer. And it's cold so I'm wearing my awesome pink Pashmina. LOVE.

So this morning was insane. It started out as any usual morning:

1) Drag myself out of my warm bed 2) March upstairs and attempt to wake the Living Dead 3) tell them to come downstairs for cereal 4) threaten to pour ice water on their heads after telling them FIVE times to come downstairs for cereal 5) Finally succeed in getting them up by pulling the covers off, turning on the bright lights and yelling the BYU Cougar Fight Song while clapping as loud as I can, etc. etc.

...but as soon as everyone got downstairs, things got a little...well...crazy.

Suddenly everyone wanted my attention, and they all wanted it at once. Hubby needed me to look something up on the computer for him because he was running late--Thing Two wanted to tell me about his Lit Circle story he was reading, Thing One wanted me to listen to descriptions of her favorite Pokemon cards, and Thing Three kept telling me how cold he was, and wasn't I listening?

Thing Four was happy screaming in his high chair, which only added to the chaos.

Finally I raised my hands and said "TIME OUT EVERYONE!" and tried to address every one in order. Which made them all put out.

So, WHY IS IT, that they want my attention RIGHT NOW and RIGHT AWAY, but I have to tell them at least seven times to pick up their shoes? Am I not as important as them? Children are such little IDs. I want it now, it's all about me, me me ME.

So I was very cranky this morning and my ten-year old daughter (since she's worn her hair in a ponytail every day this week and I refused to do it and made her wear it down) told me that she was going to "tell all her friends how mean I was" as she ran off to the bus stop. Which made me even crankier. And Thing Two couldn't find his hat. Which makes THREE hats he's gone through so far, and we haven't even had our first snow. So I told him to just "freeze" and kicked him outside.

Okay, no, I didn't really do that, I found him an embarrassing old hat and told him he had to wear it and if he wanted a cool hat to find the other three at school. DUH.

I've just discovered that I'm rambling. Well, isn't that what I'm supposed to do? Sometimes you just have to get your frustrations out, and this morning, was just...icky.

Time for a pot of Postum with creamer and splenda, and some editing time. And here's a shout out to all you NaNoers: GOOD LUCK! You know who you are!

Have a good and NON crazy weekend, everyone!



Janey said...

I think you're ready for Sainthood. Maybe you could staple thing two's hat to his head?

Anonymous said...

I have to do the same thing to my kids. I bet every mom does!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and does the ice water work?

Lowa said...

Wow, funny you wrote this today. Hop on over to my blog if you have a chance and see what I did to my oldest two:) teehee

Glad you enjoy your "me" time. I get so much of it the past few years, with my kids being older and always around to help. Not to mention hubby working from home. Princess is sick and she just stayed home from Science Class and slept while he worked and I took the boys to Science. If he did not work here, I would have had to skip class and stay home with her. I LOVE "ME" time!

BTW. Have you seen "Becoming Jane" yet?? YOU HAVE TO!