Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Attack of the Neanderthals...

Status: Typing with one eye open. Was up all night with Thing Four (who is now sick) and had to drive Brother-in-Law #1 to the airport at 4am. In desperate need of a nap...

So the Packers beat the Vikings. Spanked them, is more like. Hubby and his brothers were at the game, and I watched it on television. Don't get me wrong, going to sporting events is fun, but when you're on your comfortable sofa, watching a big screen, it just seems better. ;-)

I've lost ten pounds! I am way excited. Of course when Hubby's brothers were here they were trying to sabotage me, I swear. They had icecream sundaes every night, and popcorn, and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I did have ONE doughnut (how could I not, have you ever tasted Krispy Kreme? If you have, you'd understand) otherwise I was very good.

And I don't get how when men get together they suddenly turn into Neanderthals. I mean, cussing, gross poop jokes, etc. etc. Thing One (my very impressionable ten-year old daughter) came to me on several occasions all disgusted because of various things they were doing. (Mom, Uncle So-and-so is burping really loud!) I told her to just ignore them and do something else. About 100 times.

So now that they have all gone back home, and I have the house to myself, we can settle back into relative normalcy. Thank heaven. Having guys in the house is equal to having more kids. They leave their towels on the bathroom floor, never make their beds, etc. etc. It's because their WIVES do it all for them.

Thank heaven my hubby is conscientious about that stuff. He is very neat and clean (more so than me I would admit) and whenever we stay at someone's house he always picks up and makes the bed. It's just...polite, you know?

Well, enough about that. We actually got some use out of our pool table and dart board, and had a lot of fun. Now I have to go back to my usual running around.

I'll disinfect the guest room later. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Darts? Did someone say DARTS?
I love to play darts. We have a board and play just about every night.It's a blast.

Michelle Miles said...

It's because, deep down, men never really grow up.

Glad your house is back to normal. :)

Anonymous said...

That is one of the many reasons I keep refusing to get married.

I will NOT clean up after another adult.

And I have no intention of marrying someone who's never grown up. I don't think it's cute.

Anonymous said...

When my husbands brothers get together I go for a "spa weekend". I don't want to be anywhere near them. At least you had fun with yours.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Ten pounds!!! Excellent!