Friday, March 23, 2007


I'm a little miffed. It's BEAUTIFUL out right now. Sunny, and it will be 60's today. I'm totally loving it. (Well, from inside my house, anyway!)

However, BIL and his family are coming all next week (it's their Spring Break) and I just looked at and the ten-day forecast is projecting RAIN AND DREARINESS every darn day they are here! Not ONE day of sun! Just rain and mixed snow showers, the entire time they're here!

UGH! It's been so sunny and beautiful this week, and of course when we have family up, it all goes to heck. They're coming from sunny and 72 degrees, into YUCK.

Okay, rant over, but WHY????

I've devised a little trick for my EMMA story, so I don't have to chop 20 pages for the contest. If I put the whole thing in 11.5 font (instead of the normal twelve) Voila--I lose 30 pages! Is that bad? Oh well, I am so doing it. I can't bear to cut anything out, and I even "added" detail and richness since my last draft, so I don't want to do away with anything.

My daughter, who is nine, is REALLY getting into the Harry Potter books. She is currently on Prisoner of Azkaban, and although I swore I wouldn't let her read GOBLET until she was a little older, she has been wearing me down. It's interesting how her love of reading has literally "taken off" in just about 6 months. She started reading real novels when she was 8, but it took her forever to get through them. Now, she's reading everywhere. After school, at night, in the living room--her favorite thing is to sit in a chair by my bed and read me funny passages. She loves the Weasley Twins, and she wants to be just like Hermione.
I think it's just neat that she's finally able to take on larger reading projects than "Junie B. Jones." :-)

Okay, I feel kind of bad. Hubby and the kids get to make sure the Guest Room has clean sheets and the bathroom has clean towels, and vacuum and dust and get ready for family. In fact, I suspect I will go a little crazy, since they will all be here and doing things, and I won't. But to be honest, the time has gone by rather quickly. I used to have 8 weeks, now I'm down to five and a half. Not too bad! I'll just warn everyone, if this blog doesn't get updated for about a week in a row, you'll know I've had him early. But I'm pretty sure I know enough to know when it seems imminent!
Happy Friday!


Lara said...

I believe the exact wording is "The type should be easy to read, preferably 12-point."

So, they PREFER 12, but I'm going to cheat! Thanks for the heads up!

Michelle Miles said...

I say let him clean the guest room! It'll be good for him. ;)

And good luck on the contest!