Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Pretty Cool...

Courtesy of the Tudorhistory.org Blog---experts think this miniature might be the only surviving portrait of Lady Jane, "Queen Jane" who ruled for nine days before Queen Mary. How cool is that? Until now there haven't been any portraits of her, which I find surprising. Well, maybe not. She may have not really had "time" to commission a portrait, especially since she really didn't want to be queen in the first place! You can read the whole article by clicking on the link above.
Now they just need to dig up a portrait of Mary Newman, Francis Drake's first wife, and I would be supremely happy. I find it hard to believe that they were married all those years and he didn't at least have a miniature of her to carry with him on all his voyages at sea. She is a total mystery, still.
And yes, I LOVE Tudor history! You probably couldn't tell. ;-)
So, I really have nothing to blog about today. Other than it's reeeeeallly cold outside, and I have to work. And Thing One is having a playdate, and I'm supposed to cook hamburgers, because she told her friend that I make awesome ones. Thing One told me over cereal this morning that her friend's mom's kitchen is "always clean" because she never cooks anything. It's all done by microwave. I told her the reason our kitchen is always getting messy at every meal is because I'm always cooking. I've been "nuking" less food at mealtimes. I don't want my kids looking like little rhinos.
Although I do want to give a big hug to the person who thought up microwaveable Rice. You know, those packets you buy at the store, where you squish the rice up inside for a minute and pop the packet in the microwave for 90 seconds and voila--you have a great rice side dish!
You gotta LOVE that.
The baby hasn't been going "sideways" as much anymore. I really don't think he has room to do it, now. I felt him go sideways yesterday, and he did it v-e-r-y slowly, and I felt the whole thing. It took my breath away, a little. I just want him to get head down, and stay there. Then I'll be able to walk easier. The way he sits really makes a difference.
Yeah, boring baby talk, I know. But it's all I think about these days. Hubby bought lots of baby stuff last weekend: a swing, stroller/seat/carrier combo, and he put together the bassinette. It sort of freaks me out, having that thing in the room. When I wake up in the middle of the night I do a double take and have to remind myself that it's still empty, for now.
Time to pack lunches!

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