Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Frustration Continues...

I ATTEMPTED to take it easy yesterday. Got the kids to school, and decided to very carefully tackle the Guest Room, which, as of late, has become a dumping ground for anything I don't want sitting out: baby stuff, Christmas decorations, etc.

Nope. The contractions started, and I was forced to stop. I googled my condition and read an article that scared the crap out of me, and promptly went to lay down.
SO, I won't be doing any cleaning. I just shut the door on the guest room. I'll pretend it's clean...for now. ;-)

Hubby comes home tonight, which will be a relief. This has been one of his longer trips.

And I have nothing else to blog about, because my brain is mushy this morning. Of course my friend and I were going to go tour the hospital together (well, we were going to FIND it first because it's in a town we both easily get lost in) because she's due in about a week and a half. But that won't be happening either. Not being able to do much really puts things in perspective for me.

I just need to lose the attitude about it. There's a much more important person to consider, at this point. ;-)

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