Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What Day is it?

One thing about Bed Rest, you lose track of Time and space, which end is up, etc. etc.. It's really annoying. At this point I know we're in 2007, but the days just melt into each other, and if I didn't have a computer and cell phone to keep me current, I wouldn't know what day it was. Seriously.

I am bummed. Random House's Delacorte Press is having a YA novel contest--and I was going to submit but they want a novel with a CONTEMPORARY setting, and I don't do those. I write Historical fiction, so I guess I won't be submitting.

Dang it.

What does everyone have against Historicals? Sure, they're HUGE in the Romance genre, but in general, they don't seem to be welcomed by editors unless there's a full moon or something. I think reading about a different time period is exciting and educating. When you write contemporary you run the risk of your novel becoming dated...fast. Especially with Young Adult. Why else would people have coined the phrase "That's SO Five Minutes ago!!!" That's why I like writing in the past. The depreciation factor is pretty much non-existent.

Hubby says I should submit it anyway, but I'm thinking not. I'll just get a note back saying "thanks, but we want writers who can follow rules" or something along those lines. ;-)

So I'm a little nervous because Hubby is traveling the week of the 15th of April, and I could totally have the baby, then. I mean, I won't DIE if he isn't there, but it's nice not to have to go through it all alone. We're uncertain of what to do--he'll just have to be "on the next plane" if I go into labor. FUN.

I'll try not to dwell on that too much. I have lots to keep me busy today. I'm just grateful that we've hired someone to do surface cleaning. With three males in the house my toilets just don't look that great after a while. And Thing Three has gotten into the nasty habit of not lifting the lid when he pees. I know: YUCK. (I think I yelled at him loudly enough last time he did it to knock him out of that notion, but we'll see.) He tends to hold it until he's about to have an accident, and then he RUNS to the bathroom and can't be bothered with the whole "lifting up the toilet seat" step.

Yes, my life is SO boring right now. Hey I have to gripe about something. :-) That, and I got up SEVEN FREAKING TIMES to pee last night.

I only have six weeks left, right? Or is it seven? What day is it? ARRRGGHHHH!!!!


Michelle Miles said...

I think you should give the contemporary thing a shot too. You are a great writer - you CAN do it. I mean, look at EMMA. That's contemporary setting w/ a time travel. Nothing wrong with that, right?

And I'll keep my fingers crossed you don't have the baby while hubby is gone.

And you only have 6 weeks to go? ALREADY?

Lara said...

...or maybe SEVEN! ;-)

The deadline for the YA is actually December 31st. The earliest date to submit is October 1st.

MAN! Every time I talk myself out of it...


And yes, if I start going he'll definitely be on the next flight--no questions asked!