Friday, March 16, 2007


...the joys of being able to order online. I swear, if Peapod only delivered in my area (it delivers 20 miles away, dammit!) I wouldn't have to leave the house EVER and I could do just fine. Thanks to Amazon, B&N and Ebay, everything comes to me. I just get my kids to bring me the packages. ;-)

The Dr. appt. went well yesterday, I'm not in "delicate" condition, as in the sense that if I don't want to lie down all day long, I don't have to. I only have to when the contractions get really strong. So I've been able to sit in my office and actually eat at the table again. Sitting isn't so bad. Of course the contractions are annoying, but they're bearable. The Dr. says there's really no explanation, but she says that some women, after they've had a few babies, just contract more.

I had to call work and tell them I'm done, and I'm sad about that (it was fun getting out) but I just can't stand up for very long now.

So, nothing exciting to report, other than I am still surviving. Hubby is still taking pretty good care of me, and working long hours to boot, so I hope he gets to relax this weekend! (Relax? What's that?) Poor Hubby.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I just can't wait to watch The Holiday and Casino Royale again--we saw them in the theaters and I have been SALIVATING for them to come out on DVD. HURRAH!!

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