Monday, March 26, 2007

We have Buds!!

...on our trees! I am so dang excited. Hubby took a walk all around the yard yesterday and inspected our trees and shrubs (we love that the builder left tons of mature trees on the lot!) and they are all alive and have buds, ready to bloom. It was in the 70's yesterday, and today, at 10:30 it's already 70 degrees out, and sunny. We had to turn our AIR on because it was 80 degrees in the house yesterday. (We would have opened windows, but our windows are the crank-out kind and the wind was so strong I was afraid they'd get blown off the hinges.) :-(

HOWEVER, I'm a little nervous because, after all--this IS Wisconsin. We could have a deep freeze by the end of the week, and all those little buds will be frozen and killed. So, I'm worrying ("needlessly" according to Hubby) about them all dying. It's happened before. We had a lovely tree that started to bloom on our old property and then came 20 degree weather for a solid week and it never bloomed after that--just looked dead the rest of the year.

So, I hope we are seeing the last of the Winter weather! The lawn is even turning green, for Pete's sake. It's crazy warm outside, for March! Fingers crossed it doesn't snow again. That would suck.

The Family is descending tonight, they'll be here until Sunday. I think I will be entertaining my niece and nephew all day while their mom helps out. Hubby and his brother are determined to build more shelves in the basement, and that will be interesting. But hey, it's something for them to do. And we're breaking out the "outside" toys for the kids, as long as it stays nice. I see lots of fires at night in the fire pit, and lots of grilling this week. At least I can sit outside--as long as I don't walk around!

I feel like I'm recuperating from some noxious illness. I'm an invalid. Well, sort of! I'm doing heavy edits on EMMA all this week, I really need to get the story where I want it. Other than that, it will be a slow week. Slow for me, anyway!

C'est la Vie...

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Michelle Miles said...

My son told me this weekend that he was so happy it was Spring because all the flowers were blooming. :)