Friday, March 09, 2007


As of yesterday, I've been officially put on "bed rest." I truly believe that there is nothing on this earth more frustrating, than being confined to one's bed when one is used to running around. Can I just say it once?


It's probably just what I need for now, though, because I can be a little high-strung sometimes. So, I've got everything I need, and I'm staying as flat as possible. Of course Hubby isn't exactly thrilled that he gets to spend his normally relaxing weekend running to the grocery store, dry cleaners, hair cutters, post office, soccer practice and dropping off Brownie cookie money, but he's taking it like a champ. He knows I'm not doing this on purpose, and he's being very understanding.

And Thing One, who is nine, has been doing a LOT lately to help. I'll probably be asking her to do a lot more before this is all over, but she's a good girl, and she's capable. She only complains once in a while. ;-)

The only problem with lying down is---I get SLEEPY! And I don't want to sleep too much because I won't sleep at night. And it's not like I can down a diet coke to stay awake, because the baby will be all caffeinated and I'm thinking NOT a good idea...


Okay, positive attitude, positive attitude...I will get through this. Worse things could happen!

I hope everyone has a good weekend. Think good thoughts for me and the little guy.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy this lying down time as reading time. I hate being on bed rest, but it allows me to catch up on reading I would otherwise not make enough time to read. As you have a laptop, write write write! Think of this as a well deserved break to do all those things you claim to not have a moment to do. Perhaps you'll have two new babies soon; one of the flesh and blood kind, and one of the words on paper kind. Take care from an anonymous well-wisher.

Michelle Miles said...

I'll send you lots of stuff to read so you won't get sleepy. hehe You can help me with the dragon story if you want :)