Friday, March 02, 2007

CRAVINGS, Cravings...

OY. Do I have them in spades. Now that I am comfortably in my Third Trimester (a little less than 8 weeks to go) I am having cravings. For Baaaaaaad food.
They're not weird cravings, it's not like I want to eat coal, or pickles dipped in yogurt with chicken gravy and chocolate syrup or anything, but my cravings are ALWAYS the unhealthy kind. Case in point:

1) McDonald's Bacon egg n cheese biscuits (aka Heart Attack in a Wrap)
2) Cheesecake
3) Brats (Like the kind you can get in Brewer Stadium that have your entire fat allotment for the next three months) With Mustard, yum...
4) Double Stuff Oreos and Milk
5) Doritoes (Nacho Cheese) In fact, ANYTHING Cheese...

And I'm really tall so I carry my babies low. So I never get that "I can't eat" syndrome. Seriously, these are NOT healthy cravings. Well hey, coal is worse, right? ;-)

I have also decided that high velocity winds coupled with snow are NOT among my favorite things. I had to run to the cleaners and the grocery store this morning (Hubby leaves for NYC Monday and I had about 72 things I needed dry cleaned) and it was basically a blizzard out. Not fun when you have to load massive amounts of grocery bags in the back of the car.
And I accidentally left my garage door open and there's enough snow that blew in there to make a snow FAMILY, never mind the Man. UGH. I had to shovel it out.

I'm ready for Spring. Bring on SPRING, already, DAMMIT!!!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Boston Store is having an awesome sale, and we need Baby Things!!! I still can't believe how fast the time is flying....eeeek!

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Michelle Miles said...

Only 8 weeks??? MY how time flies!