Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Post-cold Lag...

Yes, thank you, we are all feeling much better. Life is back to semi-normal: Hubby is away on business (ah, I love being awake for 20 hours straight--ppbbhhttt) and the kids are back to school.
I haven't been as resilient--I guess it comes from taking care of sick people while being sick myself. I can breathe better, for sure, but I have absolutely no energy.
I am currently reading Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters, and I can't put it down. This woman writes the way I would love to write, and her heroine goes to Egypt in the 1890's.

I didn't write anything yesterday except a lengthy journal entry where I wallowed in self-pity (cold medicine aftershocks I'm sure) and a tidbit for a story idea.

I also got a phone call from someone in my church on how to Ebay properly. I have no idea how word got around but apparently some people know what an avid Ebayer I am. Lately I have just been browsing, because I think over the years I've purchased every out-0f-circulation Disney DVD available, every retired Stampin' Up! Stamp set I can lay my bony fingers on, and all the tea sets I could want to collect. I need to just browse for a while...

So what to do today...I am feeling tired but motivated, if one can feel both at once. I think I'll do some touch-up paint in the basement.

Heaven knows my brain is still too mushy for serious writing.

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Ann said...

This blog looks great! I love the new colors! Impressive!