Thursday, March 17, 2005

I CAN POST!!! (Catch-up Time)

Apparently, switching browsers has worked. I couldn't post for THREE WHOLE DAYS!!! I even emailed Blogger Support, and apparently they're stumped, because they still haven't gotten back to me. So I switched my browser to IE, and WHAMMO! I can post! (heh heh, the three people who actually read this blog can now join me in a cheer! HOORAY!!)

So, without further ado...

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Life is a tacky lounge act. You're on in five.

This would have been my post on Monday:

Pain Pain Pain
I’m in
Pain Pain Pain
My whole day’s down the
Drain drain drain
‘cause I’m in
Pain Pain Pain
Can’t take Vicodin for the
Pain pain pain
‘cause it makes me
insane insane insane
my hubby says it’s all in my
brain brain brain
I think he’s
Lame lame lame
And it’s a
Shame shame shame
My whole day’s down the
Drain drain drain.

Oh the
Pain pain pain.

And on Tuesday, this would have been my post:


And on Wednesday:

Feeling much better. I think I'll actually do something like NOT lay in bed...

Which brings us to Today...

I am feeling much better. Aside from freaking out because I have a ton of family descending on me in exactly one week (here we go with the full-on House Cleaning Panic Mode) things are generally good. Now I have to get my rear in gear and take care of all the things I couldn't do the last few days. Oh, and I will never, EVER have another tooth pulled. Apparently my tolerance for pain is nonexistent. And that really, really sucks.




Michelle Miles said...

heheh...great poem there, Lara. Hope you are feeling better and glad you're back to posting! I missed you. :)

Michelle Miles said...
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Ann said...

Oooooouch! (I hate dental work!) Glad you're feeling better.