Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My Nemesis Tooth

QUOTE OF THE DAY: You know the person who found out you could get milk from cows....what were they doing?

I have a little tooth my dentist affectionately calls his "Arch Nemesis".
Yep. Good ol' tooth number 20. Over the last 23 years I've had three root canals, 2 oral surgeries, 17 infections, and today, the war is over. I'm going to have it yanked.
Of course, my hubby, ever the pragmatic, had this to say about it. "Its kinda funny that you suffered pain and infection for 16 years...for NOTHING."
I mean, this little tooth has literally been the cause of a lot of trauma in my life.
One prime example: The summer before my Senior year in High School, (I was seventeen) it got infected badly and I had to endure cheelreading camp (in a pissy mood because my tooth hurt) and all my fellow cheerleaders cruelly ganged up on me during a "group circle session" and told me I was not a nice person (which to this day, ranks as one of THE single most traumatic events of my life--high school girls can be so damn mean) and then, it ruined my entire Christmas a year ago when I had to have the Root Canal re-done, and I spent the entire holiday drugged-out and in severe pain from secondary infection.
SO, today, as I said before, the war ends. And I win. My relationship with my Arch Nemesis is finally coming to an end. The tooth is going. Good riddiance. Adios. Au revoir. Ciao. See ya.

Kind of anticlimactic, actually.

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