Friday, March 18, 2005

I Believe in Fairies!!!

QUOTE OF THE DAY (Seen on a car bumper):
I may be fat, but you're ugly, and I can diet.

I would like to believe in Fairies. I was watching Peter Pan the other night with my kids (the newest version with the delicious Jason Isaacs as Hook/Mr. Darling) and how nice would it be to have my own Tinkerbell. Or at least my own fairy. What would life be like if I had a fairy to grant me three wishes?

Hmmm, not too hard. A clean house. A vacation in the Bahamas. World Peace. (Not necessarily in that order).
But now, if there were different fairies for different things, I would definitely want a visit from the World Peace Fairy, the Vacation Fairy, and the Orgnanization and Cleanliness Fairy.
Unfortunately, those three are elusive lately, except the Vacation Fairy.(But we’re going to go on vacation in WISCONSIN, so I don’t really consider that a “vacation” per se.)

While I’m at it, I need to write a letter to the Metabolism Fairy, begging her to return because she deserted me in 1997, after the birth of my first child. Maybe I could plant a fairy tree in the backyard (next to the Money Tree we have growing in our backyard since my husband so frequently asks me if I “think we have one”) and see what comes out of it.
Okay, I’m being a little childish here, but I have to have a sense of humor about things. The realities and doldrums of the daily routine can get a tad…monotonous at times.
Thank Heaven for books and movies that can take us away from all of that. And here’s where I get cheesy and explain why I chose to be a Writer, or why Writing chose me (I’ve never figured out which): Because I think of the thrill I got when I was younger, being able to step outside of my skin for a few hours, and have an adventure—that is one of the most priceless gifts you can give someone. I want to be able to do that.

Now I just need to make an appeal to the Publishing Fairy…*wink wink*


Cassaundra said...

Yeah, contact the moving fairy and the organization fairy...right now I really need thier powers, or so help me, no amount of clapping will bring them back from where I'll send them! lol...and hey, you stole my ending line! Glad to know that you're not in pain anymore, if anybody, I know exactly how you 6 times.Cheers!

Michelle Miles said...

Can I have the job hunt fairy please? And I have a tall order. ;) I agree with you - that's why I love writing, too. You can anywhere and be anyone and have high adventure.