Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Life is Full of Awkward Moments.

I am finally realizing this. We aren't supposed to "sail" through life--it's meant to test and try us, and be SERIOUSLY awkward at times. Sure, there's awkward moments like the time you might realize you have no cash to tip the guy who just spent ten minutes detailing the inside of your SUV, or that time when your slip falls down around your ankles in the middle of church. Or when you get a popcorn popper for your wedding and you send a detailed thank-you about how you've already made popcorn with it and thank you SO much blah blah blah, and you open the box a month later to realize they've recycled the box to wrap six gorgeous crystal goblets inside. THOSE are awkward moments.

Then there are the BIG ones--usually happening in front of large crowds of people. Like flubbing your lines at a play when you know the director for the next part you want to audition for happens to be in the audience. Or sending a query letter to one of your dream agents and you accidentally leave the name of the previous agent you queried at the top. Or singing in church in front of a LOT of people and you lose your place twice and your voice cracks because you have a COLD. Or my personal favorite: you are sitting on a bus with your toddler and she points to a well-endowed woman and says in her very loudest outside voice: "MOM! LOOK AT THE BOOBIES!!!"

AWKWARD. Even the word is a bit...well...awkward. I have finally realized that instead of collapsing into a puddle of embarrassed melted goo when these moments happen, you need to Get Over It. Soldier on. Life is too short. You have lots of more awkward moments waiting to happen, so you might as well greet them with a smile. 

Right? ;-)


Anonymous said...

OMG. Did all these happen to you? I"ve had them to. Part of life is right.
boobies! LOL.

Anonymous said...

And then, if you can laugh at yourself, or it, it can sometimes make it better...maybe. Like the time, in the early 70's when your Dad and I went to lunch with a wig buyer (wigs were big back then)and my wig started sliding off my head. THAT was one to remember and laugh out loud about. ...sigh'

Devon Ellington said...

Absolutely. And, when someone has a comic talent like you, you can make them humorous, true-to-life anecdotes to which we can all relate!