Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I'm a Pushover. For a Reason.

Kids are so dang CUTE when they're little. Those chubby cheeks. Those big, inquisitive eyes. The hilarious things they say. Their uncluttered/unjaded optimistic view of life.

Hard to say no to them when they're so sweet, right?

Then they get older. The chubby cuteness melts away, the hilarious remarks turn to sassy tongues and mean-spirited words, and you wonder at which point the Aliens made away with your darling child and left this...person...behind pretending to be your child. And it becomes easy to say no.

"Mom, I need Toms. Can you buy me some?


See? Easy. Unless they put The Moves on you.

"Mom?" (*while making HUGE doe eyes*): :Can you please please please buy me some Toms? I really like the way they look and I will clean the whole house for you and babysit for free for a year and stop raiding your closet forever if you just buy these little teensy weensy shoes for me..."

"Uh...I guess so?"

See???? SEE???? When they put it that way, all my resolve to deny melts away. I'm such a pushover. Granted, one day, I will totally collect on the promises made, because at this point, they owe me A LIFETIME OF HOUSECLEANING, not to mention FREE SHOULDER RUBS FOR LIFE and MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

Yes, one day, this momma's gonna collect. ;-) There is a method to my pushover syndrome. Because I'll have a weapon to use any time, any where, as needed. It's called GUILT. It's every mother's God-given right to make their children feel guilty. And I will. I will.

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