Friday, March 02, 2012

A Not-So-Bueno Morning...

Had to go to the store early this morning because Thing One needed a package of napkins for her class at school, and guess what we just happened to be out of? Yeah.

So, I drive to the closest Harris Teeter in a DOWNPOUR. We're talking fishhooks and hammer handles, people. I had my windshield wipers on super fast, and I could still barely see. I get to the store, park as close as possible (there's only one other lady in a minivan waiting for the rain to thin out) and of course I'm on a time crunch so I take off my glasses, slip them into my rain jacket, and RUN to the doors.

Then I reach in my pocket to get my glasses and...they're gone. NOT. IN. MY. POCKET.

So, I groan and retrace my steps, realizing that there are at least two torrential rivers of rainwater I ran through on the way in, and the realization hits me: they dropped out of my pocket and were carried by the torrent into the stormdrain!!

Now, anyone who has read the novel "IT" by Stephen King would understand my hesitation/dislike of stormdrains. Anyway, I rush over to see if they are caught by the stormdrain (remember it's pouring outside and I am officially soaked through now) and I see nothing. I've lost my glasses. They are gone.

I am now hopping mad. I look all around one more time before I go in, and nothing. I go inside, pick up the napkins (and weird looks from the checker I'm sure because I was soaked to the bone) and get back in my car. FUMING. The only prescription glasses I had in the car were sunglasses, and it was already dark.

Then I decide to look under my car. Don't know why, just do. I get out again (still pouring like crazy) and peek underneath, and there are my glasses, underneath my car in the MIDDLE. How they got there, I'll never know, but they are there. So I get on my knees (in two inches of rushing water) and crawl underneath the car and fish (ha ha) them out.

The drive home was...uncomfortable. I took off my jacket so at least the top half of me was dry, but my jeans were soaked and I have leather seats so I was not happy. But at least I got my glasses. And you know I made my daughter feel totally bad about needing napkins on such short notice.

I'm hoping the way my day started isn't the way it ends. Please?

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Devon Ellington said...

You poor thing! I hope you had a hot bath and a nice mug of cocoa!