Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yesterday was a lazy day. The kids were off from school, and the only time we left the house was for haircuts and grocery shopping. (The latter of which, I will never do again with all my children at the same time. I probably brought home 50% more crap than I normally do. UGH.)

But the yucky part about yesterday, was for eight hours straight, they were JACKHAMMERING next door! Apparently the porch for the house next door was put in wrong, and they had to tear it all out. I ended up with a horrible headache for hours. Thing Four walked around with his fingers in his ears for half the day. Not fun.

Today it's rainy and cool, and I am loving it. One of my beta readers finished my novel, and her comments were awesome. Now I need to implement them. Exciting!! And tidy my house. Which I'm not as excited to do.

Better get to it!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome is the word...maybe fabulous too!

I'm sure your beta person loved it like I did.