Monday, October 03, 2011


October sneaked up on me, that's for sure! I guess it's time to break out the hay bales and fake pumpkins and change my Scentsy to Sticky Cinnamon Bun. This weekend was AWESOME as far as weather--it was in the 60's for the high and never got any higher. And this week doesn't break out of the 70's.  LOVE it!!!

I finished my novel, finished the edits, and it's off to the Beta readers. I feel a slight void in my life, because I'm not living in the world of the characters any more. It's kind of weird. Oh well. That's a topic for the writing blog. But I do have a sense of accomplishment, because it's the first novel I've written by the seat of my pants. It seriously just "poured" out of me. ;-) I'll hear soon enough if my readers think it's any good.

Thing Three had his soccer game on Saturday, and they won 12-1. The other team got one at the end (Thing Three told me this later-- because the coach told them to let the other team score, in the spirit of sportsmanship). I'm glad he did that. Then we went to lunch and went home to watch Conference, and Hubby flew out to L.A. Sunday morning. The kids and I watched more Conference and stayed in our PJs most of the day. It was FABULOUS.

Now it's Monday. I can tell because Thing One and Thing Two are arguing over who emptied the garbage cans on the second floor last time. *JOY* Guess I'd better intervene.

Hope everyone has a good one!

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