Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Life is So Thrilling.

On the menu for today: Laundry. About 10 loads. And Bathrooms. Five of 'em. Well, okay, four. My daughter has been cleaning her own. But still, can I say how excited I am for today?

We are in the second day straight of rain. I am enjoying it. We need it. Not only that, but there's something comfy about rainy days. Although I do miss the sun. I would like it to peek out tomorrow if that's ok. ;-)

I have a head cold, so I'm chugging the Emergen-C and hoping for the best. I am NOT a good sick person. And for some reason, Thing Four kept waking up in the night last night, so I'm a tired sick person. Not a good combo. Off to the Laundry Room I go!

Happy Wednesday! Oh, and I am SOOOO excited about this movie! But I have to wait until MAY??? Boo.

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Anonymous said...

you have to see all the associated movies. Really fun!