Monday, April 11, 2011

We Survived the HAIL.

We had a good weekend. Sort of. Except for the parts where we took Thing One clothes shopping, and out of the ENTIRE mall, she found only one outfit that was "cool." Heh heh so we picked an outfit for her and made her wear it. Of course she pitched a fit but when she got a bunch of compliments, suddenly the outfit was "okay." It's a wonder I still have any hair, because she makes me want to PULL IT ALL OUT. Meh. 13-year olds. 'Nuff said.

Hubby had a freakout moment because his iPhone wasn't working--we noticed it while we were out to lunch on Saturday, all the icons were HUGE and you couldn't maneuver the home screen or anything. Or answer the phone. As it turns out, he'd accidentally activated the screen "Zoom" feature. If you tap twice on the iPhone with three fingers at once, it zooms. Crazy, but luckily, it was fixable. He was FREAKING OUT over his phone not working. ;-) It was kinda cute.

Later that night, we let Thing One have a friend over, and as soon as I went to pick her up, the RAIN started. It was pretty intense. We got back to the house, and it was flash-flooding everwhere. Then, suddenly, it started hailing. At first, it was little hail. Then, it sounded like someone was throwing rocks at all the windows. The hail was getting bigger. It was marble-sized. THEN it got even bigger. It sure is loud, when it hits the house! And the windows--thank heaven none of them broke! The kids were completely freaked out by the noise, and when we looked outside, some of the hail was EGG sized. No joke. It was HUGE.

So, we got all the kids downstairs in front of the TV with blankets and popcorn and let them watch TANGLED while Hubby and I kept track of the severe storm and YES, Tornado watch warnings we were having. It was mildly stressful. Especially when the hail came back a short while later, big and bad AGAIN.

I've never seen hail like that in my life. I am wondering, is this a North Carolina thing? ;-)


Devon Ellington said...

I'm so glad you're all okay. HOw unnerving!

Brenda said...

In the springtime it's not uncommon although it's kind of weird for your area. We call where you live the Serengeti because it can be raining everywhere in the area except yours.

I'm glad you're okay. The baseball-sized hail I saw on the news was rare and a tad scary.