Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Love Chaos???

I have realized, recently (okay, maybe I've known this a while) that my life seems to be in a perpetual state of chaos.

My kids add a LOT to the chaos. I always have projects going on, so there's chaos at home. When I write, the house doesn't get picked up as much, ergo, CHAOS. Hubby comes home from work, and suddenly the kids turn from generally peaceful little children into frantic MONKEY IMPS. So, Hubby thinks they've been like that all day (when really they're just excited to see him) and suddenly we have...drumroll please...EVEN WORSE CHAOS.

We have chaos in the car. Mom! He's looking at me! MOM! WILL YOU TELL HIM TO SHUT UP AND STOP TALKING TO ME??? "Mom! I dropped my icecream all over the seat! Uh oh!" MOM...

It's a wonder I haven't had an accident before now.

We have chaos getting ready for school. We have chaos getting ready for church. We have chaos getting everyone to the table for meals. We have chaos getting everyone into bed.

And everyone tells me, when my kids are all grown up and have left the house, I'm going to cry and cry from loneliness.

So, does this mean I am going to MISS the chaos?

Somehow, I don't think so. I'll miss the kids, but I'll welcome some peace and quiet! But I guess that's easy to say now, when I'm in the middle of constant CHAOS.


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