Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Love/Hate Commercials.

I took an Advertising/Marketing class in college, and it was so much fun. I've always been a big fan of commercials. Yes, I'm that wife who, when Hubby fast-forwards through the commercials, sometimes says "Oh! That's a funny one! Stop! We need to watch it!"

Hubby doesn't get it. I totally LOVE commercials. But now, I totally LOATHE them. Why? Because they know how to GET MY KIDS.

Case in point, I'm writing yesterday morning, and in typical Mother Of The Year fashion, I'm letting Thing Four watch TV. I hear a thump and running and suddenly he's barreling down the steps and shouting with glee: MOM! GUESS WHAT??? THEY HAVE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN LEGOS! WE HAVE TO GO TO TARGET RIGHT NOW SO YOU CAN GET ME SOME!!!"

I had to explain to him that just because they have them, doesn't mean we have to go out and BUY them. Then I told him I would "think about" getting them for his BIRTHDAY. Luckily, I was able to put him off.
Well, a few minutes later, he comes running back to me, because there's another toy he needs to have. UGH. I tell him we're done with watching Nickelodeon, and it's time to read some books. Grrrr.

I have to admit, they're slick with those commercials. They can make inanimate objects fly, shoot lasers, and look downright real, in commercials. And the boys/girls in those commercials are so cool looking, and their toys are just The. Coolest. Ever.

And my kids eat it up.

Hey, it's my fault, right? They must have gotten the "Loves Commercials DNA" from their good ol' mom.

We're doomed.


Devon Ellington said...

Well done commercials are mini-movies that engage the audience the same way a good story does. Only there's something to buy at the end! ;)

Cassaundra said...

It's too bad we can't have something that lets us record what we want, then have the ability to get rid of the commercials.

That's why I like streaming things online, usually there are little to no commercials, it's legal (like Hulu) and I get to what all my shows with out a TON of commercials.

And I don't think it's genetic, because I've always loathed them.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you kids (and Dad and I) have all been TV commercial victims!

First TV commercial meant for kids was Mr. Potato Head in the 50's.

Course, I HAD to have one. It wasn't all that exciting after I got one but it was cute. When the body broke I was forced to use a real potato. THAT didn't work so well...yuck. :-)

Mom :-)