Monday, May 03, 2010

Pneumonia and The Beatles.

I've had better weekends. We were limited to around the house because Thing Three has pneumonia again. At this point, I'm ordering a plastic bubble to put him in. He's missing the entire soccer season! And here we were, thinking he was doing great. He was running around the field, each practice he was getting less and less winded, and getting his lungs stronger. Right now, he can't walk up the stairs without having to stop and pant for air.

Enough already! Someone Upstairs needs to give the kid a break. He needs a good, long, pneumonia-free stretch (heck I'd settle for three months at this point!) where he can get his lungs healthy and strong. This Pneumonia-Every-Six-Weeks Crap is for the birds. But he doesn't have asthma. Which is weird. You would think he would. But he doesn't. Knock on wood.

I inadvertently found out what I'm getting for Mother's Day, and can I say OH. MY. GOSH??? I won't divulge it here, because you guys are going to start thinking I'm spoiled. But I am VERY excited!

Hubby is coming up this weekend, because the boys' birthdays are May 10th. Yes, two of my sons (Things Two and Four) were born on the same day. I remember when I was pregnant with Thing Four, and I was worried this would happen. Well, I was due April 30th with him, but nothing happened. And nothing happened. Finally, May 9th rolled around, and I was ten days overdue with him, and the OB told me they could induce me on the 10th, or I could wait a week. Hmmm, let me think about that one...NOT. At that point I didn't care if they had to induce me on a cargo plane at 40,000 feet with green pygmies assisting in the delivery. I wanted the baby OUT.

So, I have two boys born on May 10th. And yes, I've actually baked a birthday cake with a line down the middle before, as a joke, for both of them. As they get older, we'll probably celebrate on the 9th and 10th. Unless they don't care. I mean, there IS an eight-year difference between them.

I downloaded all my favorite BEATLES songs onto a playlist for my iPod. I went through every single album. It took hours. But I stayed up late and did it. I've always been kind of mad that you can't get "real" Beatles songs on iTunes. So, this box set is perfect. It was funny, I listened to them all in chronological order, and they started out so young and fresh-faced, and then they hit the 70's. Their music, although brilliant, was pretty interesting sometimes. I have to say, even though I was born in the 70's (did I really just admit that out loud?) the 70's are probably my LEAST favorite decade. Everything was just...weird, then. And I'm not just talking about my dad's hair and ties. ;-)

Okay, I've rambled enough. Time to get going!

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Anonymous said...

Doggone it! I hate that he's sick again. Good news though because by the time you get down here all of the pollen will be gone. Only ozone warnings will be starting with the hot hazy days of summer. I hope you have access to a pool.