Friday, May 21, 2010

I've Got A Lot Going On. And THOSE DARN BIRDS!!!!

Yeah, yeah, I know you're sick of hearing it. Trust me, I'm sick of writing it!

MAJOR showing tomorrow. If I believed in superstitions I wouldn't say anything, for fear of jinxing things, but I'm going to go out on a limb and ask for good thoughts--we had some people see our house a couple of weeks ago, and they narrowed their search down to a final two--us against some other house.

So, they are coming tomorrow morning to see our house again, and make an offer on either our house, or the other one. STRESS!!!!! I had the maid service and lawn service come yesterday, I got rid of my super awesome ginormous bar stools in the kitchen and replaced them with much smaller ones from World Market to open the kitchen up, and I'm going to have a blueberry cake Scentsy going and smell up the whole house. Please send some good thoughts my way!!!

Oh, and about the birds. We have two red-breasted robins, who have decided, come hell or high water, they are going to build a nest above our front door on the shelf that runs the length of it, whether we like it or not. For TWO stinkin' weeks now, I have been waking up in the morning, and tearing a nest down. I've stuck assorted cleaners on the shelves (risking complete ridicule and mockery from people driving by) and THAT hasn't worked. They stopped getting scared off and built nests in between the products. This morning, it was the worst. Every ten minutes, I had to go outside and tear mud and grass off the shelf. They just WON'T give up!

SO, I am now playing hardball. I lined the entire shelf with cereal boxes (don't laugh, this is serious, we have a SHOWING tomorrow and we don't need a big old nest and bird poop galore above the door!) And now my lovely front door looks like this:

Yeah, I know. Ha ha ha ha. Very funny looking. But you know what? I haven't seen a bird in two hours!


I will take the boxes down right before the showing. Hopefully they won't get here and have a big old mud pie sitting on top of the door. Maybe you can all cross your fingers about that, too.

Wish us luck!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hysterical! Good luck with the showing.

Anonymous said...

Too funny....I can see how it would freak the birds....LOL I hope you don't have any drive by potential buyers. :-0

Course, no problemo, the house speaks for itself. :-)


Aimee said...

That photo cracks me up!!!

My worst bird battle was a woodpecker that decided to make his home in the stucco of our tudor-style home. I spent a whole Sunday morning shooing him off. We went to church, but I came home early because I was sure that stupid thing was pecking away. Yep. He was. I filled the perfectly round hole in with spray insulation and that did the trick. Ugly. But it worked!