Thursday, May 20, 2010

Facts of My Life.

Really short post today, as I am crazy crazy crazy. As in busy, not a state of mind. Although a crazy state of mind might be following soon!

Fact One: I have a three-year old who wants potato chips for breakfast.

Fact Two: I stepped on a melted chocolate chip somehow in the kitchen, and unaware of the brown goo on my foot, proceeded to walk directly to the master bedroom, where there is VERY light carpet...

Fact Three: I just cleaned my house before the maid service comes today. Does that make me strange?

Fact Four: Said Three-year old is not potty trained yet, and he currently has diarrhea.

Fact Five: I filled a construction grade 30-yard dumpster to the brim with household junk, and I am about to order ANOTHER one.

Fact Six: I'm still in my PJs.

This is shaping up to be an interesting day.

1 comment:

Michelle Miles said...

LOL hang in there! It will all be over soon. :) (btw, my word verificiation is comfug - I'm rather disturbed by that...)