Friday, March 19, 2010

My Kids Keep Me On My Toes.

My kids are funny. As in, they are COMPLETE opposites. Thing One is smart, she's in the Gifted and Talented program for reading and writing, but she's essentially failing math. She turns in her assignments, but her tests are baaaaaaad. Thing Two is a different story. I have to practically stand on his back with a whip to get him to finish his homework and turn his assignments in on time, but his tests scores are fantastic. (He has a semi-eidetic memory, so he doesn't even have to study most of the time). Thing One hates that he can do that. I would, too.

Funny how two completely different kids came from the same two people. Isn't it ironic how that works?

I have a new "OMGosh I LOVE IT" show: The Vampire Diaries. I was doinking around on iTunes last night, and I ordered the pilot and first few episodes for fun, and MAN was I instantly hooked. And no, I'm not fifteen years old. I just happen to love a good show with eye candy actors! ;-) I was hooked on Gossip Girl until season three (at which point the writers lost me) so I've been looking for a new show to fill my "guilty pleasure" category. I've found it. The cool part is, the books came out in the 90's, WAY before "Twilight" ever existed. So, the show isn't another "Twilight Wannabe" like I originally thought. It's the ORIGINAL Twilight.


I ordered Karen Marie Moning's FEVER series last night, on the recommendation of a good friend. Can't wait to read them. I'm on a reading splurge as of late. I am liking good escape reads. They're ever so much more fun than the historical nonfiction I've been reading lately!

I'm taking Thing Four to the jumping place today. He loves it, and they have "Mommy and Me" hours where you can go for as long as you want for $6. That is totally worth it, to see him grin and jump and the look of pure joy on his face when he slides down the long slide. Kids are so fun!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Yes! Eye candy! Dad hooked me on them ...late in the season. :-(

I'll have to get the books!


PS..finished "The Historian." wish the climax wasn't so quick and done!

Devon Ellington said...

my math scores were awful in school, although I was in gifted reading & history programs. In HS, I was tutored, so I could do well in the Regents tests. I managed.

I aced chemistry and physics, where math was in context, but when it just sat there being a math problem, I couldn't do it.

It was actually in college, when I took classes in set design, that math started having meaning for me.

I have to disagree about VAMPIRE DIARIES. I find it unwatchable; some of the worst acting and scenery chewing I've ever seen.

But then, there are shows I love that no one else likes -- that's what's great when TV has a lot of variety in it, right?


I have the first of the FEVER series in my TBR pile, but haven't read it yet. Dragged it to Prague and back, and still haven't read it!

Lara said...

Oh, Dev, the acting IS gosh-awful. I am just a sucker for a vampire love story!