Friday, March 26, 2010

Is it Already Friday?

Quick post, because I am RUNNING, because I have a showing this morning! Hooray! And one on Sunday. Which, frankly, is exciting!!!

I'm going to do something for "me" today, and get a full set of brisa nails. I know, they need to be maintained, etc. but I love the look of flawless french manicured nails. There's just something about them that says "hey, I actually CARE about what I look like! Granted, I may loathe them after I get them because I like to type and text, but we'll see how that goes. I need a "pick me up." I'm getting the highlights touched up on the hair next week, too. Sometimes we just need to do nice things for ourselves! Because we're worth it!

Okay, I sound like a freaking commercial. But it's true.

Yesterday was COLD. With wind chill, it was probably in the twenties. Today should be better. I'm going to get optimistic and pull up all my driveway/walkway stakes. Which of course just TEMPTS the snow to fall, but I'm done with them. They're ugly. And I need to list my snowblower on Craigslist. We won't be needing it in Charlotte!

*Lara does a happy dance*

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!


Michelle Miles said...

I started going back to the salon at the urging of The Man last January. I haven't stopped yet. I *love* going. And I love keeping my hair trimmed and colored. I think you gotta do stuff like that for yourself because it DOES make you feel better. Happy Friday. :)

Unknown said...

Good luck with the showings!!

And hey...we are looking for a snowblower! What kind/how much????

Anonymous said...

Okay settle down Loreal! but really, we ARE all worth it!

Best wishes for an offer on the house soon. Although in a couple more weeks, we'll be out of the really bad pollen.

Anonymous said...

Tell Karen to get a HUSQVARNA snow blower. Brenda needs her job!

Devon Ellington said...

Just make sure the snow's really over before you sell it! ;)

I color my own hair because I do a better job than most colorists. I don't get around to getting it cut often enough, though.

And I can't stand strangers messing with my hands and feet, so I do my own nails, too. A plus of all those years in wardrobe -- I know how to do all that stuff.