Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'm having a "cutting it close" day. You know those days, where you have a VERY tight schedule, and you can't waste any time, because if you do, the rest of the schedule will be upset? Yeah, that's me today.

I have a lunch at noon (at Panera, if any of you feel inclined, try the Napa Almond Chicken sandwich, it's to DIE for) and then at 12:45 I have to leave to go to a 1pm meeting. Then I HAVE to leave that meeting at 2:15 (whether we're done or not) to run and pick up my son at 2:30 from school, so I can run him to the dentist (3pm appt) and then I need to run back to the school, pick up my other kids at 3:15 and bring them back to the dentist, so Thing One can watch Thing Four, so *I* can have my dentist appointment. Oh, and I get to lug a TWO-year old around with me on this entire adventure. Lucky for me he's one of those "old soul" toddlers. It's really a lot like toting around a little adult, masquerading as a baby, sometimes. Yeah, I'm lucky.

Ugh, though. Like I said, very tight schedule! But after that, it's business as usual. Homework, dinner, relax. It's all good.

I blasted through BLOODFEVER yesterday. I read a little in the morning while Thing Four was eating breakfast, I read a little while kids ran inside the house, outside the house, asked for juice, asked for snacks (yesterday was a half day at school and I told the kids they could have friends over/go to friend's houses afterwards) and then, last night, from ten pm to midnight, I finished it.

Reading FAEFEVER today. Well, not until tonight, because I just don't have the time. But man, they are fun books! Not for the faint of heart or closed-minded, though. Consider yourself warned. ;-)

35 realtors came through my house yesterday. Apparently the response was overwhelmingly positive (yeah, I hope so, I "killed" myself creating a certain atmosphere). Which hopefully means they will keep my house in mind when they have clients looking for a great house with the best schools, only minutes from two major companies. :-D I still maintain that I know we're going to sell it when we're "supposed to," but being apart (Hubby is in Charlotte, and has been all this time) really sucks. Soldiering on, soldiering on...

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Devon Ellington said...

I'm a big advocate of stating the time you need to leave a meeting when you enter it; otherwise, they drag on forever. also, when the time comes, you actually have to stick to your guns and leave. Because there's always at least one person in a meeting so in love with the sound of his or her own voice that nothing gets done.

35 realtors -- wow! congrats!

Michelle Miles said...

Man you're really flying through those books. They're SOOOO good, aren't they? I gotta go back and re-read them again. But I love seeing your reaction to them! haha

Aimee said...

Ahhhh...the "joys" of moving. It only sounds fun to those who don't have to do it.