Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Sun is Out!!!

It's like, THREE stinking degrees out, but at least the sun coming into the windows is warm. The back of our first floor is a lot of windows, and it's nice and toasty right now. I'll sit on the sofa sometimes in front of them, just soaking up the sun. Especially since it's been overcast the past few days. Sun really makes a difference here!

*Note to Self* Always drink your orange juice BEFORE eating your cereal, unless you like sour orange juice...

ANYWAY, yesterday was a little crazy, but ended up okay since I convinced Hubby to come home from work by 7:45 so he could pick up Thing Two from basketball, seeing as I was in another TOWN with Things One, Three and Four, attending YW and Pack Meeting. Thing Four, by the way, was a bit of a turkey during the Pack meeting. Families are always encouraged to attend Cub Scout Pack meetings, but he was being loud and obnoxious. Finally I got him to quiet down and watch an episode of "Shaun the Sheep" on my ipod Touch. That bought us five minutes of quiet. Whew!

Having a two/nearly-three-year old is hard work! I'd forgotten how at this age they still don't get the whole "be quiet and still" thing. HA HA.


I'm enjoying my ten minutes of quiet while Thing Four eats his waffles. He asked for them specifically this morning. Why not? But I'm having Grape Nuts. Mmmmm....


Michelle Miles said...

We have overcast skies today and will tomorrow and Friday I think. Supposed to rain.

Mine still doesn't get the be quiet thing and he's 8. :D

Aimee said...

Thinking about you soaking up the sun on your couch reminded me I need to be taking my Vitamin D supplement. Have you been tested? I learned last summer I was deficient--too much sunscreen and cloudy days. But I know from watching Oprah that you too could be deficient because you live in the north. If you're deficient your immune system is lower. How's that for some unsolicited, unprofessional medical advice for the day?